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Hotels and catering

Food catering and accommodation are among the most demanding service branches. The necessity of efficient, reliable and quick customer handling is a condition of success in this area. NOVITUS systems and devices decisively support the hotel/catering industry in pursuit of this goal.


POS systems

The NOVITUS offering of POS equipment is adapted to the specific needs of the owners of bars, pubs, restaurants or hotel/catering companies. The design of the device goes hand in hand with its functionality. The design of NOVITUS’ POS products adds value to the rooms, which they are used in.


Our range of products guarantee the comprehensive fitting out of a catering space or commercial outlet with POS touch screens, specialized cash desk receipt printers and keyboards enabling a custom key configuration.

Management systems

SOGA – professional catering outlet support system.

The basis of the catering business is the professional customer care system, i.e. the efficient collecting of orders and food distribution. The second pillar is the reliability of catering workers, waiters, cooks and bartenders. The catering outlet support system SOGA  responds to that need. It allows the operation of a restaurant, café or a bar to be improved and helps the management to control the results of their employees.

Along with basic functions, such us:

  • handling bills,
  • managing orders and 
  • issuing cash desk receipts and invoices,
  • the system enables an accurate sales monitoring and detailed waiter accounting.

The distinguishing feature of SOGA system is the uniquely simple system operation. The software is transparent and legible, allowing the employees to master it in a short time.

The SOGA system has an additional warehouse module for detailed stock accounting, creating recipes and registering delivery documents. These are activities of great importance for the proper day-to-day operation of a food outlet.


SOHO – a modern hotel management system

The SOHO system has been developed in cooperation with people active in the hotel industry. The software can be easily mastered, but at the same time constitutes a very effective hotel management tool. One of its benefits and distinguishing values is the easy installation and configuration, allowing many hotel owners to install it on their own. Due to a rich array of SOHO functions, the system is often used not only to manage a hotel, but entire hotel services complexes. Another benefit is the very attractive pricing at the performance levels comparable to other hotel software systems. These features explain the high popularity of SOHO in the hotel industry.

SOSPA – a modern spa management system

Software for spas, which are more and more often present within the hotels, is a tool allowing for managing and accounting for the specific operation of spa centers.

Fiscal equipment

The distinguishing feature of the NOVITUS brand is the adaptation of the product range to real-life needs and the expectations of the market. We are sensitive to all changes of the fiscal law and include them in the design work of the equipment.


As an effect, we have a very diverse offering of NOVITUS fiscal products, which can be successfully applied in any branch of commerce and services, regardless of the outlet size, turnover or product range. Our devices are tailor-made to different needs. At the moment there are more than 600 thousand fiscal products with NOVITUS logo working in the Polish market. Many of them work in hotels or catering facilities.

Electronic transaction systems

Year by year, cashless transactions are becoming more and more popular in our country. We have become used to payment cards and our wallets contain more and more cards of various designation. The electronic payment system by NOVITUS is based on already operating terminals or computer cash desk stations.


Transactions with the use of magnetic, processor or bar code cards are performed in a very simple manner. The system records a transaction performed in any place within the country and the related information is collected on the central server. Such solutions offered by NOVITUS allow the creation of very diverse systems supporting the operation of the given hotel or catering facility.

Payment systems

As most customers do not carry cash, both hotel and catering companies look for the best solutions in the scope of payment systems. There are multiple such solutions available under the NOVITUS brand. One of them is based on the application of Compact series payment terminal. Another one allows for the use of Celto S1 computer application. In both cases it is possible to handle payment transactions with VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD / EUROCARD or MAESTRO cards.


The NOVITUS offering also includes payment terminals for such service outlets, which want to keep to the traditional forms of payment transactions.

A solution specially dedicated to the hotel/catering industry are the cashless SkyCash transactions – a universal system of payments via mobile phone, operating in each GSM network and each telephone with Internet access. It provides simple and quick money transfers with a guarantee of the highest security levels.


In restaurants and bars, where it is necessary to check the weight of used products, should check out the NOVITUS offer for a selection of electronic scales. The range of weighing devices is addressed to outlets of various sizes and for various applications.



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